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The Halls are a family of 4 intent on searching for Christ’s call and saying “yes” to wherever He leads them.

“Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it.”

Luke 9:23-24

Erik and Melissa Hall are engineers by education and trade and very “normal” people – 2 kids, Jax and Grace, a house, great jobs, great friends, great families, and a dog, Tessa.  Normal (click here for a short video).

They know that they can’t save anyone but Jesus can.  So, they decided to open their minds and hearts to see, feel and hear how God wanted to use their family. They fully realize that they are not braver, smarter, or crazier than anyone else (Well, maybe just a little crazier.)  They just surrendered their lives and prepared to say “yes” when the opportunity presented itself.

Over they past few years, they’ve became more intentional in their search for opportunities to serve God.  They’ve worked with local organizations, went on mission trips and gotten involved in serving at Journey Church.

On their latest mission trip to South Africa, they served with an organization that focuses on two touchstones of the Halls.  Not only does Ubuntu Football reach people who do not know or yet accept Jesus, but it also aligns with their passion for a sport the whole family loves.  What’s more, Ubuntu is in great need of their skills and God-given talents.

God worked on both Erik and Melissa during this mission trip.  He stirred their hearts and they prayed together about what they would do with this opportunity He had presented.  Then they decided to say “yes.”  It didn’t happen overnight, but the more they served and the more they grew to know Him, the more they trusted the plans that Jesus had for their lives, rather than their own plans.

They don’t have it all figured out.

They don’t have all the answers.

They spend a lot of time since saying “yes,” feeling overwhelmed and ill-equipped.  It’s unfamiliar territory for them … but Jesus didn’t call them to be comfortable.

They do find comfort in their crazy love for Jesus … a friend of theirs once said, “Love is not love when it nicely calculates the cost.”  So they have decided to love with wild abandon and trust in the one sure thing in this life, Jesus.

Through Ubuntu Football, Erik and Melissa will work in the local townships of Cape Town, South Africa mentoring and discipling the youth in these communities through soccer (or football) – a universal language in South Africa.  They will invest deeply into the lives of the youth and the communities in which they live and from where they come.  Their purpose will be to love the youth in a place where love is often an afterthought (if it exists at all) and provide hope in the communities where drugs, disease, violence and poverty are the daily struggles that prevent hope.

Their work is unpaid and depends on the generous support of people who believe in the mission. Prayers and donations are necessary and very appreciated!

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